Ballast Water Management Convention – entry into force not yet reached

Medea is always heedful of the ground of the new regulation.
Hereby Medea gives some updates up to January 2016 anout the status of the Ballast Water Management Convention (BWMC).

The Convention enters in force 12 month later the date on which below conditions have been both triggered:

  • 30 Countries have signed/ratified the BWMC;
  • the relevant gross tonnage of the fleet is 35% of the world‘s merchant shipping.
While, up today, 47 Countries have ratified the Convention, their GT figures only the 34.56% orld‘s merchant shipping, even if, on November 2015, the ratification of Morocco, Indonesia and Ghana was annlunced globally as triggering the BWMC.
We mind to our Followers and Customers that the latest revsion of the BWMC is dated 2004.
Amendments to the Convention, to be implemented after it enters into force, will be considered at the next meeting of the Marine Environment Protection Committee, in April, 2016, as confirmed by IMO.
We guess that the transition time for the implementation of the regulation D1 (Ballast Exchange Standard) shall be most likely reviewed in order to let it be a possibile scenario, as the current terms of the Convention (2004) requires, today, only implementation of the regulation D2 (Ballast Treatment Standard) . See below table:
nota: timeline as per 2004 BWMC – to be confirmed by MEPC in April 2016

Anyhow, Medea is ready to offer:

  1. “ship-specific” engineering and design service for the installation of a particular given Ballast Treatment System;
  2. documentation for Class approval and manuals for the ballast operations with relevant necessary records;
  3. submittal to Class for approval of the output documentation and desgin;
  4. On site superintendence on behalf of Shipowner or Maker for system correct instalaltion and commissioning.
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Ballast Water Management Convention – entry into force not yet reached