The Remote DP Annual Trials (*) are almost to be considered  as an alternative to the conventional “attended” trials and they became a known practice among the offshore stakeholders. We have consolidated this practice with some protype project since 2015. Under the scenario of the unmanned ships, “remote” tools may play a certain role on the ground of marine connectivity and ship’s computerization.

Remote DP Trials have their plus and their minus for sure, but world is going through the direction of e-applications and remote control. Therefore we pursued this must: to research and develop a solution appropriate to the term “remote” based on our experience of DP Auditors. We finally launched  BeReady, the web-application dedicated to schedule, document, validate the remote trials for the purpose of the DP Annual Audit Report.

ing. Gennaro Russolillo, GM di Medea commented.

By Remote DP Annual Trials + BeReady:

  • the DP Auditor prepare the ship-specific annual prgramme (enrolled over 12 month) specifico per la nave,
  • the vessel’s manager may schedule the DP trials in consideration of vessel’s idle periods,
  • the vessel’s crew may carry out the test under the  step-by-step guidance given by BeReady,
  • the DP Auditor may assess and validated the test
  • the fleet manager may monitor the process from the data entry till the final IMCA report.

The benefits of the Remote DP Trials are multiple: for example trials can be planned / rolled out in 12months time span; tests can be carried out during idle or waiting periods; no need for a DP auditor to attend (cost-effective). The benefits of  BeReady  are those one mutuated from  the web-app technology of mobility, multi-level and multi-access content management.

BeReady is free of charge and included in the package of DP Annual Audit.

BeReady can be also implemented whitin Neptunus  as module or kept independent on a dedicated platform.

Request a presentation / info  about BeREADY and Remote DP Trials.

(*) Remote DP Trials are intended for vessel already FMEA-tested and known to Medea. Subject to final acceptance by Medea