Enlarging our engineering capability

We have recently enlarged our engineering capability:
a couple of specialistic softwares have been taken on board to improve the details of our analysis and to save time and, last but not least, costs for our Clients:

SEASAFE PROFESSIONAL, Lloyd Regster approved, a proven modern statutory compliance software package for use by designers and consultants.
The SEASAFE Professional shall help us from initial new design stages to the creation of Stability Booklets, Loading Manuals, Marine Operations Manuals, etc.
The software allows detailed intact and damage stability analyses for any loading condition against all current regulations, including IMO, SOLAS, MARPOL and national regulations such as NMD. It also produces longitudinal strength, grounding, oil outflow and other safety-critical operational calculations.
It is provided with fully interactive 2D/3D graphics support for all operations and deterministic and probabilistic damage stability calculations that will facilitate ease of use and time savings.

STRAND7 R24, a Finite Element Analysis software comprehensive of 3D modeller, solvers and post-processing detailed and customised reporting system. STRAND7, also known as STRAUS7 in Italy, will help us in focussing our structural calculation and investigations, so that our design of structures will be provided to the Clients finely optimised in weight, with consequent beneficial impact in cost saving and vessel’s stability.
Our strong attitute for structural engineering is also challenging the on-shore industry, where the boundary constraints are definetely less that the ones we have on board a vessel.

Enlarging our engineering capability