Medea’s lecturer at the “Business Management Course”

Gennaro Russolillo, managing director of Medea srl, has been co-lecturer with Carolina Amato, manager of Cantiere Navale Postiglione at the “Business Management Course” held by Franco Cioffi, Temporary Manager and Strategic Business Consultant, on 14th April 2018 at Cantiere Navale Postiglione’s Shipyard.

The case-study is the succesful partnership between the two Companies: Cantiere Navale Postiglione, bringing the tradition and the high standard workmanship in renovation of hystorical wooden craft, and Medea, adding the expertise into the management of complex marine projects.

When businesses have great partners to refer Customers who are similarly related to the same industry, Customers recognize this and go the partner for their needs because they trust the company that referred them on. This in turn helps provide both businesses with new clients and customers and increases strong word of mouth and company loyalty

This was summarised by G. Russolillo after his speech on the subject “The project management as administrative tool and strategic development”.


Medea’s lecturer at the “Business Management Course”