Offshore Wind Industry: a growing market

This article could “blowing in the wind”, but the pictures and figures from the Offshore Wind Industry give an absolute positive and optimistic reference.

When you think “offshore” you may be forgiven for thinking “oil and gas”, but an increasing number of companies around the globe are becoming actively – and profitably – involved with offshore renewables. Especially in Europe, which is acting a primary role in the Offshore Wind Industry.

It is not casual that giants likes Statoil and Saipem have recently entered the offshore wind market by awarding contracts respectively in Germany and Scotland for an approximate cumulative value of €1 billion. As reported by the experts:

The offshore wind industry can compete with gas and coal within a decade.

So that it is expected to see more and more O&G plaeyrs joining the Offshore Wind sector. This is fitting the European climate and energy targets: a third of the continent’s electricity to be covered by renewable energy sources by 2020.

It could be of some interest to have a read to this report, from the industry consultants Roland Berger, Offshore Wind Toward 2020”  where they conclude a combination of industry trends will soon make offshore wind cost competitive with other generation sources in many markets.

The below figure is self-explanatory of above.


Germany, UK, Norway, Denmark, Holland are booming in this market, considering also the enormous correlated induced market, such as specialised ship builders, maker of special equipment – e.g. OAS (Offshore Access Systems), charter of Survey, Diving, Lifting vessels etc. etc.

Medea is already listening to “wind of change” becoming appreciated and consolidated service supplier for North-European Customers involved with survey-diving-contruction support to offshore wind farms.

Offshore Wind Industry: a growing market