MEDEA srl provides complete ship design and project management for shipbuilders and shipowners of off-shore support vessels, lead by a team of engineers, naval architects, marine managers and DP specialists all having considerable experience in the design, conversion and the operation of DP vessels.



3D Drawings and Rendering

We can provide marine 3D visualization & animation services, for any technical marine illustration purpose.

Failure Mode and Effect Analyses (FMEA)

We provide “cost-effective and high-standard” Failure Mode and Effect Analyses for both new build and existing DP more…

FEM Analysis

We offer design analyses and verification of offshore structures. We combine state-of-the-art computer modelling techniques with practical hand-on knowledge.

Guidelines, Specifications & Manuals

We can produce guidance documents, technical specifications and manuals for you, and write policies and procedures.

Strength and Stability

Our highly qualified naval architects are specialized in the intact and damage stability (deterministic and probabilistic approaches).

General Drawings, Scheme and Plans

We can provide any tipe of marine documentation such General Arrangments, Safety Plans, System Schemes, Mechanical Drawings and Assemblies according to any specification / rules.

Installations of New Equipment and Machineries

We are experienced in MOB/DEMOB engineering assistance, providing calculations, lay-out, support documentation for stability and strenght assessment needed for installation of special equipment on deck.


Works in progress to research the best alternative to be offered to Customers. For new ships as well as for re-fitting on existing ships.

Lifting Appliances: Design & Manuals

We, in Medea, have proven capcity with design of lifting appliances and keep up with most updated rules framework. We provide design for offshore devices (A-frame, cranes etc.) and all relevant manuals for marine lifting operations.


DP Annual Audit

We perform thorough audits, inspections and trials of vessels fitted with dynamic positioning (DP) systems.

Pre & Post Charter

We carry out surveys documenting the exact condition of a vessel, its machinery, equipment and consumables at the time it is taken on charter, and again when it is taken off charter.

Marine Software

Among our capabilities, it is certainly to be counted the development of soft tools for marine application: we can develop vertical naval software solutions in particular for offshore-specific management systems and prototypes of marine automation more…

St Vincent and The Grenadines Flag Inspections

As Non-Exclusive Surveyor (NES), our personnel is entitled to inspect vessels flying the Flag of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in Naples and the West Italian Coast on behalf of the Maritime more…

Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID)

We survey vessels employed in the offshore energy industry using IMCA’s Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID & e-CMID). read more…


We performs pre-purchase surveys to confirm that the condition of the vessel is as described.

Condition Surveys

We carry out surveys to ascertain the overall condition of a vessel – hull, machinery, equipment, safety and security measures, management systems and certification are all inspected.

Yard Superintendence

We can provide experienced and skilled personnel to help ensure your project stays on target when deadlines are tight and time in port is limited.