Neptunus, user-friendly and intuitive software for ship management

logoNeptunus is the web-based and easy-to-use software designed for ship managers and opearators to facilitate all the aspects related to ISM, ISO, DL271, MLC and planned maintenance. It allows to easily keep all documentation in order and up do date while all economical and technical paramenters are kept under control.

  • Modulare

    Neptunus is scalar and customizable. It is based on modules where their utilization can be either exclusive or given right through organization staff. Each module has different level of access set according the work flow adopted by the Safety & QHSE Dept / DPA / Trchnical Dept, Vessel Inspectors & Officers. Typical modules are:

    Certificates: it controls due dates for both vessels and office, and manages tasks and allocatse resources for the periodical surveys.
    QHSE Events & KPI: it manages every kind of procedural event (e.g. non-conformity, injury, failures, etc.) needed to be recorded and monitored. It allows easy control, analysis and customised KPI graphs.
    Pay Slips: it is an easy tool to manage the communication with both the shore and shiop personnel as it manage the pay splips database.
    Vendor List & Qualification: it allows supplier data collection and vendor periodical rating and qualification.
    Vessel Budget & Running Costs: it is a simple instrument to monitor and control vessel budgeted / running costs.
    Other: Planned Maintenance, Summary Dashboard, Drawings & Manuals, Publicationsi, Fleet Letters, etc.
  • Web Based

    Neptunus is installation-free and comes available by using any type of internet browser. Neptunus platform allows each users to easily share data between shore and vessels and/or through the organization. Exchanged data are processed in real time.

  • User Friendly

    Neptunus is an estremely intuitive software. It is scaled on the organization needs and on the work flow in place, and it does not require the revision of the implemented manuals and procedures

    The running in is immediate without impact on the organization methodology, while it is always possbile to have support from an expert dedicated team with a proven experience in ship management and software development.

    Paper works are finally reduced and optimised by using Neptuns where data recording allows images, pdf and any other file to be saved in a safe, well-protected database and an automatic email alert system keep the involved users informed about new entry and data updates.

  • Mobile

    Neptunus allows to be used while on the move with  smartphones and tablets on different operating systems. So Neptunus becomes a portable tool to replace the paper-based forms and reduce the physical filing on board and on shore.

  • Video

    Neptunus – watch the video

Cost Effectiveness

On top of all its features, Neptunus can be offerd at very competitive prices. Request a demo or a quote.

Neptunus, user-friendly and intuitive software for ship management